The Short and Long of it

20 Oct 2016 UPDATE on these positions. Both closed for a pitance. Was in good money and I placed stops quite close to acquisition price. So made enough to push me to the 40% return mark only to get lose ground to a EURUSD position that would have been great f it wasnt for the 80 pip spike we just had. So back at 685 USD.


EURAUD – Short orders triggered at 312

AUDUSD – Long orders triggered at 688

The day will tell alot I think/hope. Will be a landmark achievment in return on our experimental demo acc that we trying to double, as it would take our capital to 740 USD, we started at 500 and thru some crazy mindless chart watching we dropped to 330USD, and had to sit back and really think and plan to recover. Here we are now at 680 USD.

Worst case at days end with some big shifts against we could be back at 630 USD or so.

Lets see I am out of here now for the day. Good bye charts and live data.