Forex trading is a form of gambling to some degree, as is any investing business. There is a lot more randomness in the forex markets  though. I really do not know exactly why this forex trading approach works, but essentially I tried to remove the casino from the charts…

Its a simple ordering system that doesn’t require anything more than sound analysis, good discipline, and TIME AWAY FROM THE CHARTS

That could be the reason why it works. I have not read about it in a book, though I am sure it must be well documented.

I found that indicators and time frames lower than a daily chart combined with trading live data on the fly was just too time consuming, stressful. It was also very unpredictable.

I tried using candle stick based Forex Trading strategies on higher time frames up to 4 hourly. This too did not work.

My system is no secret and certainly very common among many traders and I am positive that many traders make much better returns than I do, though I am happy with my returns.